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You have come to the right place, get the best value for the most comprehensive course by a fully qualified driver trainer.  You simply want to enjoy touring our beautiful country, the holiday of a lifetime. You’ve decided to learn exactly how to tackle the tight bends, minimise “dancing-caravan syndrome”, maximise your fuel efficiency and best of all… finally be able to reverse your caravan with pinpoint accuracy! Get the ‘on road’ tuition experience.   CALL US NOW TO BOOK YOUR TOWING COURSE ON; 0439846342 Free Refresher ‘Reversing’ training after full course completed and no extra charge for extra time needed. WE ARE PROUD BUSINESS OWNERS FOR 22 YEARS Call us on 0439846342

Congratulations!  You have found the most comprehensive course conducted by a fully qualified driver trainer. Tony has also trained Ambulance officers, defensive driving skills.  So whether you are about to head off on your trek through Queensland (QLD), or anywhere in Australia, you’ll know that you can confidently tackle any conditions. Tow your van without a worry in the world! It doesn’t matter if you have a Millard, a Regent, a York, a Viscount, a Regal or whatever… you’ll be towing with confidence and having a ball in no time. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping you to achieve your goals. In the meantime, please explore our site and enjoy it!  (We conduct our courses in and around Gympie QLD only) If you don’t master the reversing technique on the day of your course, we offer you to come back with your rig and we will go through those techniques with you again free of charge.  Conditions apply. 

Reversing Only Course

A short course on ‘reversing only’ goes for one and a half hours, with your own vehicle and van, morning ...
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Abridged Course

We also offer an ‘abridged’ course which runs for two hours, morning appointments only  (This course is for those who ...
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Full Comprehensive Course

It is a one couple per course, which is a ‘one on one’ personalized service. The course starts at 9.30am ...
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Took Our Caravan Towing Course Today

This is reposted from a discussion on Caravaners Forum and gives a good customer's point of view of our course.Took Our ...
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Customer Testimonials

July 2021
Hi Tony and Helke,

What a fantastic day we had!

Grant’s confidence is so much better after the course. We are so looking forward to our trial on 2nd August. It was so informative and covered everything we hoped. Having the one on one was so much better.

The lunch was also so good.

I have looked for your facebook site to leave a review.

Thank you so much for the day

Best Regards

Pam and Grant  Hollis

New Testimonial


Wayne Lang 7th July 2021

2h  · 


#ZN617 arriving 11th August. Ruth and I travelled to Gympie (we live in Brisbane) yesterday and undertook the 1 day Caravan Towing and Reversing Training offered by Little John Driving School. It was terrific. We obviously don’t have a set up yet to learn to tow a heavy rig so we took advantage of their option of using their LandCruiser and 20’ Lotus. Tony met us at the Puma Service Centre 18klms south of Gympie. He explained a few things about his setup and questioned us about our towing experiences (just a small box trailer).

Tony gave me the keys and said I was driving. Very nervous but he did instil some confidence in me enabling me to have a go. I drove 10klms to Gympie on the Old Bruce Highway then the extra 8klms on the new highway with all of the traffic that entails. This also included some pretty hairy driving through narrow roadworks. Drove through Gympie and turned off the highway about 10klms north. Ruth took over then and drove the next 10klms to their nice little property where we were met by Helke, Tony’s wife.

We spent some time learning how to reverse in a straight line and then went inside for a light lunch of the freshest sandwiches and coffee.

After lunch Helke took us on a tour of their van to show us some of the tips and tricks they learnt over their 20 years (I think) of caravanning.

Next Ruth and I learnt how to reverse the caravan into a space similar to the size we would expect to find at a caravan park. Tony and Helke were extremely patient with us and kept us repeating the tasks until we were pretty competent. Helke took over after we finished and backed the caravan into their shed with ease. Tony and Helke displayed excellent teaching skills.

The most valuable aspect of the day was the actual towing of the caravan in an authentic traffic situation. Absolutely nerve-wracking to start with but the nerves calmed as did the puls after about 10Kim’s. We were actually booked to do our towing course with Roadcraft but could not get a suitable date.

The course went from 9:30 until 2:00. We thought it was fantastic value for $500 total cost. We now feel a lot less nervous about towing. We took lots of notes which will come in handy after August 11. Lots more to learn.

New Testimonial

Jan 2021

Hi Helke & Tony


It’s been awhile and you may not remember us, Kerry and I had a Jayco OB 19’6 van with Amarok, we did your towing course back in August? 2017. 


Since then I haven’t done much towing as Kerry does most, I would do the odd 1-2 hrs here and there but i just wanted to touch base to let you know that I’m so glad i did the course. 


Mid last year Kerry was diagnosed with Stage 5 End kidney failure. It was a very traumatic time and we were at Singleton Showgrounds getting ready to travel when call from doctor came. Long story short… After his 2 wk hospital stay we decided to sell our Jayco van as we thought caravan days were over as doctors were saying dialysis straight away. Then he showed some improvement once they started treating him and then told us about manual dialysis for people to do in home or like many that travel in a van. 


Hence we went on the hunt for another van. You may recall we were going to be full-time and still are. So in September last year we bought a second hand 2016 New Age Big Red 23EN2 (has a large ensuite). Hardly used. 


I hadn’t towed it but I’m very happy to say I was very confident to be able to hook up and tow our big rig from Raymond Terrace to Singleton NSW as Kerry had had his pre dialysis ops and not allowed to drive for 2 weeks.  He starts dialysis Monday week. 


This was a special moment for me, thank you again and I tell many people about your wonderful towing course on our travels. 



Kind Regards

Susie Pearce

New Testimonial

October 2020

Hello Helke & Colin


Sorry it has taken me so long to write since our course. It has been full on since we left and only just had a chance to catch our breath – without falling asleep 😀


Thank you so much for such informative and brilliant tuition, plus great sandwiches. We both learned so much and I was able to reverse into a very tight spot in a caravan park this week, with Peter’s direction of course. I was even complimented by a truck driver of 40 years who was very impressed with my reversing skills. I told him I had been on your course, so couldn’t take all the credit. I think he is going to try and convince his wife to do it!

 You were asking about our friend’s farm camping. The name of the property is Belbrooke Farm at Caboonbah: https://belbrookefarms.com.au/  its a very beautiful property to visit.

Anyway I hope you are both well and hopefully one day we will see you on the road. Until then take care and travel safe. 


Thank you again, we will be forever grateful for everything you taught us. 


Jo and Peter Grist

New Testimonial

July 2020

” Dear Tony & Helke,


After completing the day course and never owned a caravan or towed, Clint and I can highly recommend this course. It’s a “must do”  for anyone who has never towed before.


Being complete novices the course is all hands on driving. We were shown all safety aspects of towing on the highway and winding roads with all instructions delivered in a detailed manner for parking, reversing, hitching up and how to securely pack a van.


Clint & I both felt comfortable and reassured when taking delivery of our van a couple of days later where we were able to put into action all we had learnt. The detailed notes of the course given to takeaway has been helpful to refresh our memory.


Thank you both Tony & Helke for sharing your knowledge and passion for caravanning. You are such lovely and hospitable people, We are only too pleased to recommend this course.


Warm regards


Liz Jarrah and Clint Webb

New Testimonial

23rd Feb 2020

Hi Tony and Helke,

A quick note to sincerely thank you for the time and effort you put into Helen and myself yesterday, we both feel much more confident with both towing and reversing.

Helen was very enthusiastic when telling her sister all about her exploits.

Just need the time now to practice.

All the best
Geoff & Helen.

New Testimonial


I have never towed a van and my husband had many years ago so before we picked our new van up we wanted to do a course. We are so thankful to Tony and Helke for their patience and knowledge they showed us. I was very nervous but under Tony’s guidance I became confident that I could do it and I did. We went on the highway, up and down hills and winding roads. After a delicious lunch and great advice and information from Helke it was reversing practice and both Tony and Helke were so calm and caring with clear instructions ensuring we understood the “maths” of reversing. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, tips and tricks. One thing that will stay with me forever and was extremely helpful to me was STT – steer to the trouble. We most definitely recommend this course to both newbies and those wanting a refresher.
Geoff and Chris Davidson

New Testimonial

Feb 2019

Hi Helke and Tony

Just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you that our 2 week trip with the van went really well and we both had a great time. Your course was invaluable and we learnt so much for which we are very grateful.

The towing and reversing worked like clockwork using your teachings and tips and we even had compliments from others at how well we reversed the van into the site!

And I have to report that the Elecbrake App that Tony was very dubious about actually worked extremely well and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to use it again; although probably no good for Tony as you do need a Smart Phone for the App!


All the very best…


Steve Enticknap

New Testimonial