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December 16, 2016
Why not give your partner or friend a special present that will give them new skills and confidence as well as an enjoyable learning experience with a qualified driver trainer.

Contact us about our gift vouchers.

A short course on ‘reversing only’ goes for one and a half hours, with your own vehicle and van, morning appointments only.   With a few simple tips you will learn how to reverse your van with ease.

All courses are available any day of the week and if we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at any time on 0439846342 or email us through our website. 

We also offer an ‘abridged’ course which runs for two hours, morning appointments only  (This course is for those who have had towing experience before but want to refine their ‘reversing’ skills).

This course gives you all your reversing techniques with some ‘on road’ training.  
You can use our vehicle and van or your rig.  Contact us for more details on 0439846342 or email us through the website.

It is a one couple per course, which is a ‘one on one’ personalized service. The course starts at 9.30am and concludes around 2pm for one day and you do all the driving during the training.  Vehicle and van are supplied. The vehicle is a Toyota Landcruiser, 100 series, Diesel, Auto and the van is a Lotus 20’ Trackvan, ‘Off Road’. The course is conducted in and around Gympie by my husband Tony, who is a qualified ‘driver trainer. All aspects of towing are covered along with all the reversing techniques so that you can reverse your van onto a ‘van site’ with ease.  Advice is given on how to set up your vehicle and van correctly. 

Complimentary  lunch is provided and during the lunch break (we also cater for any dietary needs) we discuss two way radios, what to look out for in caravan parks and free camps, maps, how to pack your van and lots of other handy tips and we’ll answer any questions that you may have regarding towing etc.  (If you wish to use your own vehicle and van, your vehicle must be set up with all the correct equipment, such as towing mirrors etc)
For more information contact us on 0439846342 or email us through our website.