Bill and Cathy Buckler 1-12-2013

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July 4, 2016

Hi Tony and Helke,
What a fine day we had on Friday. Many, many thanks to you both for making it such a pleasure. It can’t be easy putting your valuable travelling equipment into the hands of people you’ve never met and then sit back and
let them pilot it over a fair chunk of SE Queensland.
As you said, Tony, if you want to learn something there is no substitute for actually doing it yourself. The way you’ve structured your course is perfect for that. And your one-on-one instruction is by far the best way to do it. What both Cath and I wanted was the opportunity to experience what it was
like to actually tow a caravan in most of the situations we’ll have to face when we get out on the road with one. That’s exactly what you gave us, to a far greater extent than we were anticipating.
Rather than rabbiting on about how great the course is in this email, let us refer you to a post we made in an online caravaners forum on Friday evening. You probably know about the forum. We’ve been members since January this year.
You can find the post – and the responses – here:
We’ve already had one response by private message from a member from the Gold Coast wanting to know the cost of the course. We gave him your URL and told him to check it out. He came back to us saying he’d be bookin
A quick question for Helke: Please let us know the model number of the Uniden CB (UHF) you were showing us at lunch. We know that UHF radios have recently gone to 80 channels so there might be an updated model. We
were seriously considering getting a UHF radio and you have convinced us. The “walkie-talkie” model is a great idea. And could you tell us what make of antenna you use.
Thanks again for a great day. We can only hope that I can tell my left hand from my right when it matters :-).