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January 29, 2021

Jan 2021

Hi Helke & Tony


It’s been awhile and you may not remember us, Kerry and I had a Jayco OB 19’6 van with Amarok, we did your towing course back in August? 2017. 


Since then I haven’t done much towing as Kerry does most, I would do the odd 1-2 hrs here and there but i just wanted to touch base to let you know that I’m so glad i did the course. 


Mid last year Kerry was diagnosed with Stage 5 End kidney failure. It was a very traumatic time and we were at Singleton Showgrounds getting ready to travel when call from doctor came. Long story short… After his 2 wk hospital stay we decided to sell our Jayco van as we thought caravan days were over as doctors were saying dialysis straight away. Then he showed some improvement once they started treating him and then told us about manual dialysis for people to do in home or like many that travel in a van. 


Hence we went on the hunt for another van. You may recall we were going to be full-time and still are. So in September last year we bought a second hand 2016 New Age Big Red 23EN2 (has a large ensuite). Hardly used. 


I hadn’t towed it but I’m very happy to say I was very confident to be able to hook up and tow our big rig from Raymond Terrace to Singleton NSW as Kerry had had his pre dialysis ops and not allowed to drive for 2 weeks.  He starts dialysis Monday week. 


This was a special moment for me, thank you again and I tell many people about your wonderful towing course on our travels. 



Kind Regards

Susie Pearce